“Oh – just pick any tune you like, we don’t mind.”


Your choice of music is so much more than just a reflection of your brand, although granted, it is where we should start. If your business thinks of itself as contemporary, then playing classical music simply makes no sense.

We have a library of copyright free music spanning every genre, but what’s most important to remember here is that – whatever style of music you choose – those tunes will sit in the background, acting to support your sales messages. Many companies opt for what are known as ‘soundalikes’; tunes that bear a striking resemblance to a well known song, but altered just enough to not breach any copyright laws! At Holdology, we say these are a definite “no no”. There are thousands of people taking to online forums to get help figuring out where they’ve heard a certain company’s hold music before, so whilst they’re brains are working overtime trying to figure it out, just how much attention do you think they’re paying to your messages? Exactly.

Not sure which genre suits you? Don’t worry. When we start working with you, we’re going to get to know your business well, and we’ll be able to offer up suggestions for tunes which we feel will serve you best.

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