You may well have decided that the traditional hold music and message model is not right for you. You’re looking to grab your audience’s attention in a whole new way.

Here at Holdology, our research has shown us that humour has the power to create the strongest memory. Not convinced? Think about your favourite line from a funny movie or TV programme? Came to mind fairly quickly didn’t it? Now think about a line from a documentary or news programme – not so simple!

A funny hold system has additional benefits too. Callers are much more likely to tell their friends about it, which means new customers will be calling your company, which of course leads to even more opportunities to do business with new people.

There are plenty of options available, from having your messages read by impersonators, through to our personal favourite – Ads in the Wrong Genre, where we take your company, and produce a series of radio commercials which – on the surface – simply don’t make sense, and as such, force the listener into paying just a little more attention.

How about a garage with a classic French perfume commercial? An accountant with an advert better suited to running shoes? Or a printer running a three day music festival? These adverts can run back to back or placed at random positions in between your regular messages. Take a listen to a few examples here and to listen to them all on their very own YouTube Channel, click here

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